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Gadgets 9 takes the privacy issues seriously, and the privacy of our visitors is very important to us. Gadgets 9 is backed by Digital World Solutions, a company that owns a network of websites. We (Gadgets 9) do not use personal information of the users for any purpose, other than for the newsletters that we send, only if the user chooses to receive them.

Giving your information on our website while subscribing to newsletter, commenting on our pages is needed and if you choose to provide us your details, we do not use this information. It is though, obligatory to provide your email address while commenting on the website so as to verify that you are a human.

We use third party advertising networks for monetizing, and most of these networks would use your visiting information (which still does not include your Name, Email address, Telephone Number even if you submit them for some purpose) so as to understand the traffic and provide advertisements based on the visitors interest, and to keep the advertisements relevant.

Following are the advertising networks that we use for the monetization and other purposes, and you may visit the Privacy policy pages of the websites to understand it better.

Google –

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